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Where to Hold your Boat Wedding

Weddings are celebrated all the time in all places. More and more couples are tying the knot in spectacular fashion, going for amazing venues and elaborate ceremonies. One of the greatest ways to celebrate your day and leave with some amazing memories is to go for a boat wedding. The sea provides a beautiful backdrop from which to celebrate your union. You can use this guide to learn more about this option, and the ways to make the most of it. Here are those amazing venues.
Odyssey Cruises based in Washington, DC makes for an interesting destination for your guests to enjoy. You will use a glass encasement boat, which adds to the thrill. The Odyssey can easily accommodate a large group attending the wedding, offering a great menu and bar package in the process.
You will enjoy a vintage style wedding when you opt for the services of the Potomac Riverboat Company in Alexandria, Virginia. They have the Cherry Blossom boat, which is specifically redesigned to give you a luxurious take on the theme, and also carries a large number of guests.
Savannah Riverboat Cruises presents the choice of either the Georgia Queen or the Savannah River Queen. Each has a large carrying capacity, easily catering to 1000 guests.
If you want a vintage wedding, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California is the right choice. Its deck is famous for the most picturesque evening weddings.
Entertainment Cruises New York presents two options of either the Atlantica or the Manhattan Elite, situated in Chelsea Piers. They are for those who would like a modern themed wedding. They also cater to diverse wedding budgets and tastes.
The Vagabond Cruise in South Carolina presents an intimate wedding. You can also hold other ceremonies on board, such as rehearsal dinners or engagement parties.
Should you decide to have a ceremony outside the country, there are chartered yacht weddings in Dubai. Head to this site, to discover more about that option.
Moshulu can be found in Philadelphia on Penn Landing. It doubles as a restaurant, assuring you of great food. With their amazing wedding packages, you will not regret picking it.
The Carolina Girl Yacht in South Carolina is one of the most popular yacht wedding choices. You can opt for their professional wedding planner services as well.
You will love the memorable wedding photos you get from the Showboat Branson Belle in Missouri. It is also affordable, and offers great entertainment packages.
Lake George Shoreline Cruises has the Horicon and Adirondac vessels. These are great for small to medium-sized guest lists, and cover everything you need in the wedding.
There is no shortage of venues out there for you to sample. Nothing comes close to the idea of weddings on water.